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Javascript phone number validation script

/*Validate Phone No*/
 var phone = $(this).val();
 phone = phone.replace(/D/g,'');
 if(phone.length == 7){
  var dispPhone = phone.slice(0,3) + "-" + phone.slice(3);
 } else if(phone.length == 10) {
  var dispPhone = "(" + phone.slice(0,3) + ") " + phone.slice(3,6) + "-" + phone.slice(6);

New PHP Project & Name Parsing

Thinking about developing a mysql database for help with case management in my firm. Learned alot by using XAMPP and the excellent PHP Development Series video tutorials at Lecture Snippets.

Jonathon Hill‘s PHP Human Name Parsing, improving Keith Beckman’s script.

Jason Priem’s page about parsing human names in PHP.

Here is the same type thing in javascript by Josh Frasier.

Another javascript name parser by Jerry Davidson.

Chris West’s blog post about javascript name parsing.