Welcome to Glen’s World

In 1995, I was asked to give a presentation to lawyers about “The Next Big Thing” — the Internet. I created Glen’s World to learn something about it.

I have been trying to figure it out ever since.

In April 2010, I finally learned to use cascading style sheets (CSS), PHP, and Javascript. So, Glen’s World got a make-over. I added a WordPress blog and learned to modify it, incorrectly as it turns out, so that it blended in with the rest of the site. I started using that blog to record site updates and as a reference.

As of July 2014, Glen’s World runs entirely under WordPress. The goal: create a WordPress TwentyTwelve child theme to mimic the look and feel of the original site. As always, It is a work in progress.

As of January 2019, all of the pages have been converted to the new ‘Block’ experience offered by the WordPress Gutenberg update. Whether it’s an improvement is not yet clear. I want to like it and am trying to learn JavaScript deeply.