Photo Gallery Converted

Made progress in the wee hours converting the photo gallery to CSS. I had 2 installations of Gallery 2, and I was working on the wrong one. Had no luck creating a “local” version of of the template as described here. Also useful will be this page on customizing themes. The theme.tpl in the local directory simply would not take control of the parent file. So, I edited the parent file. The original file is in the local directory in the event that I ever need to restore the old theme. I also made some changes to theme.css in htdocs/Photography/themes/matrix/ which is the main style sheet controlling the appearance of most pages. I commented out the original code. The page does not render correctly from subdomain I will need to specify a static path to the style sheet files.

And then all of a sudden, without explanation or warning, the local copy of the Gallery theme.tpl kicked in and is running the show. Go figure. So, theme.tpl at is the integration. The original file in the parent directory is the original full page version. I also changed the reference to all style sheets and graphics to static http addresses so that all elements work at as well as Largly finished tweeking the appearance of the gallery, although I still don’t like the blue background in the body area.

Converted Document Library and Paralegal pages to CSS. Added last modified date to footer. Added Facebook and LinkIn logos.

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