Re-Do Visual Integration of WordPress

Performed complete re-do of the visual integration of WordPress starting from a fresh classic theme. On the first attempt, I could not integrate the main site’s global style sheet because my understanding of CSS was not deep enough. The first attempt consisted of substantial modification of the WordPress style sheet, making global updates impossible.

The second visual integration starts with the same global style-sheet used by the rest of the site. Relatively modest changes to the WordPress style-sheet were needed to finish the job.

Altered Banner.php, index.php, and footer.php to imitate the positioning of the rest of the site.

Had a hard time getting the side-bar to float. Had to move it from the footer.php into the index.php. Had to make ‘position’ of side-bar ‘static’ rather than ‘absolute’. It would not float while absolute. Had to eliminate the ‘clear’ declaration from the comment id. This prevented the side-bar from floating next to the comment.

For future reference, the Glen’s World footer is needed to extend the star background of the container beyond the header to the bottom of the page.

3/13/2013 Update: To clarify for future reference:

  • Header.php in the WordPress themes folder 1) references the site style sheets, 2) opens the site container div, and 3) includes the site banner div;
  • Footer.php in the WordPress themes folder 1) closes the site container div and 2) includes the site footer div.

As of this writing, the theme folder is themes/Experimental2Classic which is a copy of the themes/classic folder.

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