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Javascript Modular Design Patterns

Some resources explaining the modular design pattern in javascript, for future reference.

PHP IMAP: Using UID to get header info

Interesting that imap_headerinfo() does not allow a UID for the $msg_number field like all other fetching functions seem to allow.

If you want to use a UID to fetch the headers, use this two-step process:

* assumes $mbox is your stream, and $uid is set
* properly. Proper error checking is up to you.
$hText = imap_fetchbody($mbox, $uid, '0', FT_UID);
$headers = imap_rfc822_parse_headers($hText);

The result is the same as the output of imap_headerinfo(), but you get to use the UID.


Using RegEx to replace HTML Tags

This regular expression matches the html italic begin and end tags as well as any text between them:

This regular expression will replace the found italic tags with beginning and end span tags of class ‘caseName’:
<span class=”caseName”>1</span>

The 1 represents the first group in the find expression (between the parenthesis), thus preserving the text between the tags. This may be unique to the regex in Notepad++. Other regex tools may use $1 instead.