Legal Research Tutorials

Law Library Resources

These pages are a great place to start for internet legal research. I find that sites by law school librarians get to the point, are well maintained, and are less distracting than most commercial sites.

Sites to Watch

Court Listener is an interesting project. It describes its mission: “We collect legal opinions from court websites and from data donations, and are aiming to have the best, most complete data on the open Web within the next couple years. We are slowly expanding to provide search and awareness tools for as many state courts as possible, and we already have tools for all of the Federal Appeals Courts.”

  • As of January 2014, this site is not ready for prime time. For example, it has only 80 Ohio state cases, all of them from 1951!
  • As of January 2015, there are now 21,128 Ohio cases available — a noticeable improvement.

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