Browser Tips

Open a New Browser

You will often want to have more than one web page on your screen at one time. In most browsers, including Windows Internet Explorer, Ctrl-N will open a new browser window, while keeping the current one available.

Use Tabs

tabsHaving too many browser screens open at one time can be confusing. A more controlled approach is to use tabs. Pressing Ctrl-T in most browsers will open a new tab in the same browser window. Pressing Ctrl-Tab moves from one tab to the next.

It would be great if you could follow a link without replacing the page already on the screen. Actually, that’s pretty easy. Hold down the Ctrl key while you click the link, and the new page will open in a new tab!

Use “Find” to Search for Text


Using the “Find” function will save a lot of time if you need to look for a word or phrase in a long web page. Ctrl-F will activate the Find function in all major web browsers.

In Internet Explorer, a small dialog box will open under the tabs:

As you type text into the box, matching words on the page will be highlighted, making them easy to find.

Use Arrow Keys to Navigate Web History

Use Alt-Right-Arrow or Alt-Left-Arrow to navigate forward and backward through recently visited pages. This is the same as using the mouse to click the forward and backward buttons buttons on the top of the browser, only much faster.