Ohio Legal Research

This is a compilation of Ohio legal research resources.

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Legal Associations

Columbus Bar Association

The Columbus Bar Association website has information about attorney referral program, some legal links, the electronic version of its publication, Columbus Bar Lawyers Quarterly, and the CBA Directory of central Ohio lawyers.

Central Ohio Association for Justice

Website of the Central Ohio Association for Justice.

Ohio Association for Justice

The Ohio Association for Justice website serves as a clearing house of information for its members.

Ohio State Bar Association

The Ohio State Bar Association has a very good membership directory of Ohio lawyers and OSBA publications in searchable format. Members also have free access to CaseMaker, an electronic library with reported and unreported case law, verdict reporter, 6th Circuit decisions, Ohio Jury Instructions, and much more.

American Arbitration Association

The American Arbitration Association has rules and forms available.

American Association for Justice

The American Association for Justice has available some public information; however, only AAJ members can access most of this site. It is now possible to word search the AAJ site, including the major AAJ publications.

Uniform Law Commission

The Uniform Law Commission drafts uniform state laws such as the UCC. The University of Pennsylvania also makes some of the ULC work available on-line.