Ohio Legal Research

This is a compilation of Ohio legal research resources.

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Black Book Online: (http://www.crimetime.com/online.htm)

An amazing national collection of resources for finding information. Some of my favorites are:

Real Estate Information

Tax information about real estate is becoming widely available nationwide. See ((http://homepage.mac.com/researchventures/index.html))

In Ohio, many county auditors make real estate information available on the Web. (The County Auditors Associaion of Ohio (http://www.caao.org/) has a directory which is handy for locating Web addresses of Ohio Auditors.)

Finding Lawyers

Martindale-Hubbel: (http://lawyers.martindale.com). Search by name, by firm name, or by area of practice, or location..

Finding People

WhoWhere: (http://www.whowhere.com/): Find addresses, businesses, e-mail addresses (the usual)

InfoSpace: (http://www.infospace.com): The usual plus reverse lookup (find a person with a phone number).

Finding Businesses

Big Book: (http://www.bigbook.com/): Great Yellow Pages Directory

Medical Research

At Medscape: (http://medscape.com/). Excellent site devoted to medicine. Access to "the good stuff" requires a username and password which may be obtained free of charge. The "library" section is particularly useful. Search Medline for free! Also search Toxline, Drug Search (which provides information similar to the PDR), and a medical dictionary.

At National Library of Medicine, Pub Med: (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed/). Free, fast Medlinesearch.