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I have revised my position (and the page) since this original post. I found performing the include was to problematic in that manner. I have returned to manipulation of the theme.tpl for output (viewable), and .css changes for control of how it is rendered.
The php include worked like this however- I made a page which was called new.php, on which the design (style) of the page was defined using existing site specific css. I utilized it exactly like a template file, but instead of call for content, the page was strictly for links and positioning of site specific navigational blocks/areas. the conclusion of the page was left ‘open’….meaning the last line was <div id=”content”>. Then another page was created titled newend.php, and you guessed it- was everything I wanted displayed after the division content was sealed. Then I went into gallery, and on the page titled main.php, in the header I linked the existing site specific css adjacent to the gallery generated css. Just under the header I performed a php include “../new.php”; and at the end of the page another include “../newend.php”;…the output on some browsers was decent, and flat bad on others, there were too many things to go wrong so I quit this method.

The manner in which I do it now is just link the site specific css in the head of the theme.tpl I have chosen to use. Then I C&P everything from new.php before any gallery specific calls…which includes opening the div tag works. Tweak the css for some things an it seems to be fine. I set up overflow to auto, and changed the block for admin tools to be specific size and overflow scroll as wel. the font needed changing in both methods from em’s to absolute (I used 8, 10, and 12pt)….

If you would like copy of these files I will get them to you, but it is not something you can see by observing source, because much of it is pre-handled.

And this about adding hit counter to bottom of pages.

This obviously brings Gallery2 into the website. Maybe this is the way to go.

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