Added e-mail form

Added menu items. Converted “Who is Glen” page to CSS. Stayed up late last night trying to get the hit counter provided by Powweb to center in the footer. No luck. Will settle for static “serving the universe” footer until I can find and install a better CGL counter. Made adjustment to the style sheet to make text and hyperlinks more readable. Added ‘min height’ to the green box in which this text appears so the box will always be 500 pixels high even if empty. Rambled on enough to see how the text will flow around the YouTube video object to the right. Added a 10px margin to the <div> containing the video to prevent text from getting too close. Converted Hall of Accolades to CSS. Added the contact me page and e-mail form. Began converting Lawyers Favorite Websites page to CSS.

Posted: Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
Category: Site Updates

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